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Our Story


         We are a third generation beekeeping business that started back in 1925 with Jim's maternal grandfather Frank Congdon. Jim's father, Verne Coneybeare started keeping bees with his father-in-law and grew to love it. Due to extensive agricultural insecticide usage, Verne had to move from keeping bees in Essex County to Wellington County in 1966. Jim started going with his Dad to the beeyards when he was four. He took over the business in 1996 after his father died.


         Our honey house is located just north of Fergus on Hwy #6. Our bees are on various farms in Wellington, Grey, Bruce, and Dufferin Counties. We have great farmers that allow us to put our 850 beehives on their property in exchange for honey and pollination. Depending on the time of year, we have between 3-6 employees working for us. In this continually changing world with global warming and environmental residues we generally have minimal hive losses.  However, we have been faced with critical losses due to the use of neonicotinoid pesticides - see the link above titled Neonicotinoids.


          Jim Coneybeare is a member of the Ontario Beekeepers' Association (OBA), the Ontario Bee Breeders Association (OBBA), and the Wellington County Beekeepers Assocation.  Jim is currently on a two year term as the Ontario representative on the Canadian Honey Council (CHC).  For the past 9 years, Jim Coneybeare and Diane Krout have provided beekeepers with winter wraps.  The profits are donated on behalf of the Wellington Beekeepers Association to the OBA Tech Transfer Program.


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