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We are certified Kosher!

All of our honey is 100% natural, made by the bees.

500g Squeeze

Canadian #1 White Honey

1kg Squeeze
500g Glass Jar
1kg Glass Jar

Amber Honey

500g Glass Jar
1kg Glass Jar

We also sell:

385 g Squeeze Bears

284 kg Barrels

Pure Beeswax

3 kg Pails



7 kg Pails

Creamed Honey



15 kg Pails

Comb Honey

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In order to keep our honey as natural as possible, we apply little heat to our honey unless requested by the customer.  Due to this, Coneybeare Honey may solidify or crystalize.  To re-liquify the honey, gently warm by placing the container in a bowl of hot water.


As an environmentally responsible producer we will refill customers' jars and containers.  In addition, the customer will save the extra cost of the container.


We ensure quality - if you are not pleased we will replace or refund the item.


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